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  • Hot-water radiators made of metal, plastic or aluminium
  • Condensers for air conditioning and intercoolers.
  • Intarder and retarder.
  • Miretti exhaust manifolds.
  • EGR MAN bundles.
  • Gas bubblers and water filters.
  • Catalytic silencers.
  • Particle filters (cleaning and restoration).
  • Radiators for hydraulic systems.
  • Diesel or petrol tanks made of metal, aluminium or steel with cleaned interior.
  • Tube bundles (even for marine use) for cooling engine oil and/or gears and/or hydraulic systems.
  • Biogas exchangers.
  • Finned tubes.
  • Coolers.
  • Plate heat exchangers.
  • Cooling towers.


  • Replacement of the heater core with original and enhanced SUPERFLUS® and INFLES®
  • Tin, steel, aluminium and TIG soldering with warranty certificate


  • A vast warehouse of new radiators produced by all the brands, both original and non-original products, with discounts up to 60%.
  • Radiator replacement plans for all kinds of industrial vehicles.

Realisation on drawing and sample

  • We build hot-water radiators, intercoolers and heat exchangers of any size or weight, by custom design or as per a sample, using any metal - such as aluminium, stainless steel, brass or copper - for oil, steam, air and gas-based systems.
  • We build or re-build radiators, coils, tube bundles, intercoolers and air cooler units made of steel, aluminium, copper or brass for oil, steel, water, air or gas-based systems, finned tubes, coolers, plate heat exchangers and cooling towers.
  • Radiators can be built as per a sample or custom built, even for models that are difficult to find.
  • Warranty of up to 36 months.

Other special services

  • We are highly specialised in inspecting large radiators for vehicles or generators (for example: Caterpillar, Fiat Hitachi, Komatsu, Benati, Fiat Allis, General Motors, Isotta Fraschini, railway locomotives, etc.).
  • Free consultation
  • Photo documentation at each step of the project
  • Maintenance services provided within 24 hours throughout Italy
  • Radiator replacement plans for all kinds of industrial vehicles
  • Certified soldering of all kinds
  • Certified ISO 9000 guarantee
  • Pick-up and delivery service throughout Italy.


  • We provide photo documentation of each step of the project.
  • Certified soldering of all kinds.
  • Certified soldering of all kinds.
  • Guarantee CDR3® up to 3 years.

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